Graduate Mechanical Engineer, University of Greenwich

I am interested in the intersection of humanity and technology, and the physical things that come out of that relationship. My passion is finding real-world solutions that can be dreamt up, discussed, constructed, implemented, and appreciated. My career goal is to work in an environment where I can be a part of these solutions, and be involved in all parts of the process.

My previous career as a mechanic and technician allowed me to constantly improve my troubleshooting skills and my mechanical aptitude. Becoming a Mechanical Engineer was the next logical step in the advancement of my career.

What motivates me to become a good engineer? In short, my distaste for sloppy work, bad solutions, bad ideas, and poor implementation has driven me to become a mechanical engineer. I am constantly asking ‘Why?’ ‘Who designed this?’ ‘Why would they do it this way?’ Chairs that break because they were designed incorrectly. Things that pinch your fingers when you operate them. Gears that strip. Gaskets that leak. Systems that fail. Problems that are sometimes more than just annoying, but dangerous. And, just as bad, are the good ideas that never got accepted or implemented because they never had an advocate that could help people see them properly. I believe that following the scientific method, and above all, caring about what you do, will bring you to solid, defensible solutions that can make a positive difference in people’s lives.

The purpose of this website is to act as a portfolio and resume, and to collect professional, academic and personal projects that I have worked on. Many are group projects, and I have taken care to highlight parts that I was specifically involved in and am proud of.