Graduate Mechanical Engineer, University of Greenwich



A 3 dimensional study was undertaken considering the fluid behaviour in a square cross section, curved duct. The ANSYS software suite was used to obtain the numerical analysis. Air was used as a working fluid, using qualities commonly found at room temperature and near sea level. All model constructions and subsequent experiments were made using SI units (m, kg, N, s, V, A), Degrees, rad/s, and Kelvin.

Laminar and turbulent flow regimes were explored. Particular attention was paid to the creation and validation of the discretised mesh, and the formation of Dean vortices in the curved section of the duct. Results were compared against existing papers and literature in order to explain findings.

In addition to the study of the curved duct, a case study was simulated to better appreciate the possibilities of CFD software as it pertains to product development.

Keywords: ANSYS, Fluent, Laminar and turbulent flow, Dean vortices, curved square duct, discretised mesh