Graduate Mechanical Engineer, University of Greenwich

Executive Summary


Water is a key life supporting factor and there is a growing concern that this precious resource is fast deteriorating in quality which is not only threatening marine habitats and species but also human life. To survive and prosper, we need healthy waters.

Awareness campaigns are working hard to attract attention to restoring water resources and their quality. Consequently, the development in water monitoring technologies is an integral part of finding sustainable solutions. It is found that existing methods of water monitoring through manual collection of samples is labour-intensive, time-inefficient and costly.

Our market research suggests that there is great demand for a reliable and long term sampling system that would enable efficient and cost effective solution for collecting water samples. Currently, there is not a remote sampling device that can be used in shallow waters and our product is versatile and designed for use in multiple water resource environments including near shore coastal regions, estuaries, bays, pools, ponds and reservoirs. Existing water sampling products in lack sophistication and tend to serve low quality and high volume business model. Our product aims to serve the gap in demand for a high quality reliable technology solution which will offer great value-for-money.

Cassiopeia Design Consultancy propose a prototype, model RWS-012A, which will facilitate the demand for shallow water remote water sampling. This model will retail at £2250 and will be produced in relatively low volumes, as we anticipate that our clients will require remote water samplers custom-built for their specific requirements.

The product design enables the device to collect samples once submerged and is held between an interactive buoy and an anchor designed to be as lightweight and compact as possible to ensure ease-of-use. A key feature is that the devices sophisticated yet simple technology enables remote monitoring, which means that it can be operated independently with minimal human intervention. Another feature is that solar-panels are used to ‘top-up’ the battery that powers the CPU signals to open and close the vessel lids. The technology allows for easy sample collection for testing in the laboratories. The device is made using highest quality materials that will ensure durability and will have no harmful effects to the marine environment. 

This report provides a technical and managerial insight into the development of our Remote Water Sampling device outlining the business structure and plan for our product launch into the market. For successfully launching the proposed product, Cassiopeia Design Consultancy is looking for £50,000 worth of investment for which we will offer a 12.5% share in the company. Our financial projections indicate that investor(s) will be able to recover their investment by the end of the third year of production.

We have a clear growth strategy. By reinvesting profits, we intend to grow our business by developing more sophisticated features such as GPS tracking and WiFi compatibility which will further enhance our product quality. Our ultimate aim is to be a market leader in innovative solutions for remote monitoring of the water resources for preserving this crucial environmental resource.